Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Tweener is dead...Long live the Tweener

Hello everyone,

It is with little regret that I announce the discontinuation of posting on the Tweener, which will occur by the end of this week. This is not a joke. Repeat: This is not another joke. I will be setting up shop at the superior Wordpress in the near future with a new blog, or perhaps multiple ones in different categories. A couple of things you can expect in the new format:

1. A narrower focus.
2. A new name, because 'tweener' now means pre-teen females in popular vernacular. Having the name "the tweener" for a blog about 20-somethings, therefore, is not exactly a triumph of marketing.

We will post at least one retrospective this week of our best/worst posts in case this blog gets shot into space as part of some sort of introduction kit for extra-terrestrials. thetweener.blogspot will remain active so people can continue to read our timeless posts throughout the ages, and also so employers can deny me a fulltime job when they google my full name even though it is nowhere to be found on this site(Attn google: How do I stop this?).

The ETA on the new blog is anywhere from a few weeks to two months (two months is at the absolute most). If I have a new blog that is very topic specific, it will be supplemented with another that is composed of my random musings. As for Amy and Ryan, they might come along to the new blogs, but if they don't, I will keep you informed if they have their own thing going.

To everyone who has enjoyed this "online magazine", please come back and visit every couple of weeks, because I will post the URL of the new blog on this page. Thank you for reading, and to quote Churchill on his own alcohol addiction: "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."


Ryan said...

But the last post set a record for genuine comments.


pukie said...

I am not amused by this.

Ann said...

um, I just googled your name and did not see anything about this blog. I even looked on the second page of search results. Is Google so amazing that they fixed it that fast?

More importantly, when I googled your FULL full name (Klon) everything that came up was Russian except Dickinson. Do you have a secret double life?

Scott said...

Whoa, Google DID fix it!

This blog was still appearing in searches under my name as little as a few days ago, despite the fact that I had erased any references to my full name weeks ago.

As for the Russia, I've been there thrice and lost my virginity to bi-sexual moscovite girl whose father edited a newspaper about UFOs, but I don't see any references to her or the UFOs in the search results.

Lindsay said...

Way to go, Ann. Give Scott another forum to announce that he lost his virginity to a Russian chick. Like everyone on the Internet didn't already know that.

Brandon said...

a sad day in the life of blogs that keep me from doing real work.