Monday, September 24, 2007

Fishtown in One, Maybe Two Sentences

Man oh man, do I wish I had the capability to embed a google map for this. Here is a one, maybe two sentence guide to places and things in Fishtown.

Girard Ave
Still ugly.

Johnny Brenda's
Nice venue; Pool table a problem.

The M Room
Looks fun from the outside. It isn't.

Canvas Coffee
Go in there when it is completely empty and ask to use the basement. Guaranteed to annoy.

Rocket Cat
Like Canvas, except unnoticeable. Good tuna salad.

Beatdown by locals
Consider dressing more conservatively.

Grew up with the locals who beat you. Don't bother calling.

Three handicapped spots in a row on Hewson & Belgrade
Right in front of my old apartment, the fuck?

Wawa on Aramingo
Spot-a-meth-addict. Technically not in Fishtown.

Conveniently located. Hop on it and you are only two hours from whining about Philly to your freinds in Brooklyn.

"Frankford Arts Corridor"
Either these galleries are hidden to keep people like me out, or someone's really taking the piss here!

Local deli's and pizza places
None good.

Ida Mae's
Dope Irish breakfast

There you go.

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