Thursday, September 27, 2007

End This Trend

Summer's over, so let's hope this is the last we see of this style. These sunglasses are pretty much a universal trend accross Philly, and I'm sure it's the same for all the other Northeastern cities.

Now, we here at the Tweener love the ladies, but we hate the big sunglasses. Here's why we don't like them: You all look like bugs. Not Jackie O...Bugs. Repeat: Not Jackie O...Bugs. Not Jackie O. Bugs.

Not Jackie O. Bugs.

Not Jackie O. Bugs

It also says something when you are willingly covering up 75% of your face when every other girl is doing the same thing. Are you trying to filter out the worthy guys by hiding behind a plastic curtain of judgement? Does this mean that the big sunglasses have become the new online dating?

So let's those eyes, sunshine.


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I've been long awaiting this! Now if only everyone in NY would listen...