Sunday, September 23, 2007

Know Your Hoods': Fishtown

^Enjoy this googled picture while it lasts, because this post isn't a photo blog.

Introduction: Houses. Streets. Signs. Corner bars. Corner stores. Slashed tires on a Honda Civic with Maryland plates. If you aware of these things, than you are half-way to unlocking the great mystery of Fishtown.

Fishtown is a hipster/artist enclave in which you will go 72 hours without actually spotting a hipster during daylight hours. Instead, you'll see roving groups of teenage kids wearing hooded sweatshirts. Do not fret. These kids are not thugs, but rather junior neighborhood watchman seeking protection money. Pay them and move along.

Fishtown is composed of the Irish working class, hipsters, and tweeners. The Irish-Americans are proud of their heritage, but wouldn't be able to tell you who won the latest Celtic-Rangers FC match if they tried. What does that tell you? Fuck if I know.

The tweens' in Fishtown are music/art-minded professionals who want a piece of the action. Sometimes they intermingle well with hipsters, other times they are snobbed off by a few for not playing the part. If you are snubbed, don't worry; your snubber has a twelve block reputation to uphold.

There are no WASPs in Fishtown, because living there includes the possibility of regular contact with the dreaded "working class".

This the first in a series of posts. Tomorrow, I will cover the essentials in "Fishtown in one, maybe two sentences".

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