Friday, November 2, 2007

Red Bull Art of the Can

We just found out about the Red Bull Art of the Can exhibit at F.U.E.L. in Old City. It started on October 19th. This exhibit ends today, so hopefully I can make it out there in time.

Red Bull's slogan for this exhibit/competition: "what will a full can inspire you to create out of empty one?"...Genius. Let's face it: Americans love stimulants.

Back in the day, you had two things: Caffeine and cocaine. I guess Kerouac, Johnny Cash and all those beatnik guys also had some pseudo adderall junk that probably felt like Stackers 2. Nonetheless, the options were limited. Caffeine was the drug of the masses, cocaine the rich.

Nowadays, there are no lines to be drawn. Everyone from any walk-of-life is awash in the jaw-clenching pleasures of stimulants. First it was ginseng, then everyone realized ginseng did absolutely nothing, so ginseng was followed by the ADHD drug/energy drink revolution. As a result of this, people are multi-taskers these days. Seriously; Does anyone have just one job anymore? It's office job by day, grad school by night. House painter by day, skate-boarder by mid-day. Freelancer by morning, pizza delivery man by afternoon, noise band by early evening, adderrall dealer by late evening (to oneself).

There's a reason we all have multiple occupations: America is kicking our asses. Right now, you're probably burning both your bachelors diploma and a bunch of dollar bills in a makeshift fireplace because you can't afford heat. Our media, the institution which should be a watchdog against the government's efforts to erode the middle class, would rather humiliate you with articles like "People having more sex than you".

So you can't afford the heat, and you want to get out of America's kitchen. Good luck with that. The rest of the world can summarized as follows: The countries with good weather have shitty governments that will get you killed, and the countries with good governments have shitty weather and only five people total, all of whom are in Sigur Ros.

Stay in America.

And while you're in America, have a toast to the sheer amount of ways we can stay wired. So; take a keybump, break that concerta 30mg time release capsule, grab a vitamin energy, and I'll see you at that motherfucking Red Art of the Can Exhibit tonight*.

*I will absolutely not be there.

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